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face to face

CLT - taste, concept and packaging testing

ibt marktonderzoek conducts face to face interviews at different locations throughout the Netherlands. The best instrument when taste, look and feel, in other words, when physical confrontation is necessary.

For our face to face interviews we have a consumer panel at our disposal. This panel consists of enthusiastic respondents throughout the Netherlands, who are willing to regularly participate in research. For higher penetrated target groups we use "fresh" respondents, which we recruit from bypassers.

At home

ibt marktonderzoek visits respondents at home or delivers products/services to be tested at home. There are also extensive opportunities for online or telephone interviews.

Point of sale/shopper

ibt marktonderzoek collects observation data at locations where the actual purchases are made.
  • Entry and exit interviews
  • In store interviews
  • Observations

Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping is conducted on a regular basis both regionally and nationally by us. From calling a service desk to buying a car.


Once established as an agency specialized in research on exhibitions, events and stadiums, ibt marktonderzoek has a vast knowledge and expertise of the various aspects of this type of research.
  • Visitor Research
  • Exhibitor Reseach
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sponsor recognition

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